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How to install android sdk

In order to install android sdk in your machine you have to download sdk installer from and run this installer application. After this a sdk manager window will open in which you have to select the required version of the android sdk or the latest version or any other version you have to install, after that click on the install packages button on the right bottom of the sdk manager window.As soon as the required packages installation finishes, the android sdk application is completed.

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How to configure android to eclipse or install ADT Plugin

In order to configure android to the eclipse you have to download Eclipse Helios for Java EE Developers and run the eclipse.exe and set the workspace path for saving your android and other files. Now click on the Help in the menu bar and go to the Install New Software.

Help >> Install New Software
After this a available software window will open. In this window click on the Add button and a Add Repository window will open, in the Name textbox of this window write ADT Plugin and in the location textbox you can give the path  (for online installation) and click OK. 
And in case of offline installation, you have to download a latest version of ADT zip file.After this click on the Archive button in the Add Repository window and give the path of the ADT zip file and then click OK. 
Now select development tools in the available software window and click finish. Your ADT Plugin is installed.

** The source of this knowledge is http://developer…

Change Title Bar of Window Media Player:

Open regedit.( Click Start --> Run and type regedit and hit ok).Navigate to:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\MicrosoftRight Click on "Microsoft" Folder and then New--> Key.A new folder will be added. Named it as WindowsMediaPlayer.Now Right Click in the right Panel and then New-->String Value.Name this value as "TitleBar".Now double click on it and type any text you want to display.Click ok and hit F5 to refresh the registry.Open the Windows Media Player. You will see that title bar will have the caption Provided by your text.